My name is Marcus Constantino, and I am a multimedia content creator. I have a strong interest in photography, but I have also produced award-winning print and audio work. I have had an interest in photography and reporting ever since my sophomore year of high school, and through my high school and college years working for school publications, I have pushed myself to meet and exceed the standards of professional publications. I began freelancing during my senior year of high school; my work has since appeared in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and five of West Virginia's 10 highest-circulation newspapers.

I love the excitement of sports photography, regardless of the sport: capturing athletes' at the peak of their emotions is a fun and exciting challenge. However, I also have experience photographing news events, seniors, proms, toddlers, events, graduations and weddings.
Feel free to contact me at constantino2 (at) marshall (dot) edu with any questions you may have. Thank you for visiting my page.